Collection: Master Craft Model

Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture is said to be a sacred place for glasses.

High-end products from many foreign brands
Produced in Sabae with world-class technology, development, and quality capabilities.

Mt.Fuji glasses are also made by specialized specialists who handle each process such as pressing, cutting, and polishing.
We have a lineup of handmade items made in Sabae, made by the division of labor of our craftsmen.

Each piece is made by hand by multiple craftsmen, so we do not compromise on the details.
A masterpiece that is high quality and comfortable to wear.

・Even though I have high-quality glasses, I don't want to wear them with other people.
・I want to graduate from the brand-oriented fashion that everyone knows.
・I want to be particular about handmade products from Sabae - JAPAN LOVE -

The handmade "Master Craft Model" of "black x thick x bone" is
Not only to upgrade your personality and sophisticated style
It also enhances your status as a professional accessory user.

*Master Craft Model is a collaboration between Amazon and Jetro.
US/UK Amazon cross-border e-commerce “JAPAN STORE” strategy allows overseas sales
It is expanding.