For first-time customers

meSmart is a store specializing in eyewear and fashion items.

An original label that is particular about thickness and black edges

With "FUJIYAMA GLASSES original"

For those looking for eyewear as a fashion item

"FUJIYAMA GLASSES Selection" with a selection of affordable items

We have two labels.


Unique eyeglasses made from selected materials

The world's three largest producers of eyeglasses

Design "Italy"

Production "China"

Quality "Japan"

Mt. Fuji glasses original

  • Designed in Japan
  • Made by Mazzucchelli company in Italy for the frame material
  • Manufactured in China

It is a hybrid product from the world's three major production areas.

Designed by FUJIYAMA GLASSES in Japan, manufactured in China 

[Thickness x black edge] Plus one

Mt. Fuji eyeglass design is particular about "thickness x black edge"

Eyewear can instantly change the eyes that are important to people's impressions.

Thick black glasses make an impactful impression, and a combination that makes it easy to make unique outfits.

Plus one is shape, size, lens color

  We deliver "thickness x black edge" that is not available at mass retailers.


About lens replacement

Many customers ask us about changing lenses to prescription lenses and color lenses.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but since meSmart does not change lenses, please request a lens change at the eyeglass shop.

Click here for precautions when requesting lens replacement by bringing it to an eyeglass shop

Based on the concept of "beyond me, be me," we value the desire to have as many people as possible enjoy fashion with fashion glasses that we consider to be "cool and cute."

Currently, we do not have a service system that allows us to change lenses, so we have customers go to eyeglass shops, but when we reach the next level, we will continue to make efforts to handle lens changes.


We hope that you will find eyeglasses that are "beyond me and be me".

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